Welcome to the official Tomi Leino Trio website!

Tomi Leino Trio is one of the busiest roots & blues bands from
Scandinavia. Since they put the band together in 2011, they have continuously played festivals and clubs in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria & Spain.

Tomi Leino Trio is known for greasy, hypnotic grooves that rock the house from festival stages to intime blues clubs. The band creates its' own sound from elements of swamp blues and rock'n'roll. This compact, energetic trio builds an intensive, varied show around the tight interplay between the members.

The band lineup is:
Tomi Leino - vocals, guitar & harmonica
Jaska Prepula - bass, guitar, backing vocals
Mikko Peltola - drums
All band members have also a long history of touring in Europe with international blues artists.

Tomi Leino Trio released their latest album "Play That Thing !" in March 2022. The album was recorded in 2021-2022 at Leino's own Suprovox studio. The album is a mixture of Leino's original songs, together with rare classics from blues masters like Lonesome Sundown and Jerry McCain.

Their previous cd "Hip Shootin'" was released in 2016, and it got excellent reviews all over the blues world. The album was recorded live straight to two-track-recorder, and band's spontaneous and tight team play together with their authentic sound was well captured. The band's first album "Get On Down" was released in 2013. The soldout album was recently reissued.